Over the past 16 weeks our dedicated team of Volunteers, have devoted their time during the pandemic to provide food parcels to the most vulnerable members of the community.

This work is only possible due to our partnership with Fareshare Midlands and their weekly food donations. Their continued support really does make a difference in our community.

On Monday 18th May, we hit a huge milestone for the project by providing our 1000th Parcel to a member of the community. So far we have provided 1079 parcels to members of the community, who are isolated, shielding, vulnerable and elderly.

Taffy- Local resident who received his food parcel, alongside a cleaning package for being our 1000th parcel.

On Monday 20th July, we hit another huge Milestone. By providing our 2000th parcel to a member of the local community. In total, our team of incredible volunteers have provided an amazing 2,142 food parcels.

Paul Carlton and Louise Wylie, delivering the 2000th Food parcel, along with an essential cleaning pack.

Timeline of our work so far: 

Monday 16th March: 

-We provided and delivered 40 Food parcels to members of the local community.

Monday 23rd March: 

-We have provided 52 Food parcels to members of the local community.

Monday 30th March:

-Delivered 60 food parcels to local residents

Louise Wylie, Zak Winstone and Paul Carlton unloading the Fareshare Midlands delivery

Monday 6th April:

-72 food parcels delivered to local residents

-Provided 1-1 Fitness session with a young person from of our inclusion group.

– Online wellbeing check in with our volunteers via Zoom.

Wednesday 8th April: 

-20 Fruit and veg boxes delivered

-70 Easter Eggs delivered to random doorsteps in the local area.

-Provided 1-1 fitness session via Zoom with a member of our mental health Bounceback session. 

-Our personal trainer Zak provided a 1-1 Exercise session with a young person from our inclusion group.

Friday 10th April:

-Last minute delivery from Fareshare, Food provided to 70 families within the local community.

Monday 13th April: 

  • 70 food parcel Deliveries to community members doors
  • Delivery of fruit, yoghurts and chocolates to residents at cooper house 
  • Leftover food items put onto the front of the centre for residents to help themselves- Approx. 12 people.

Monday 20th April:

  • 48 food parcel Deliveries to community members doors
  • Leftover food put outside approx. 25 people

Monday 27th April

  • 80 Food parcels delivered to residents’ doors.
  • Left over cheese, fruit, vegetables and cakes were left on our premises for the local community to come and help themselves too. 
Food from a last minute Fareshare delivery being set up for residents to come and collect. (Social Distancing regulations were enforced.)

Monday 4th May

  • 105 Food parcel delivered to residents’ doors.
  • 3 Emergency food parcels collected.

Thursday 7th  May

  • 25 VE Day picnic bags delivered to eldery members of the community, living close to  the centre.
Louise Wylie- Delivering VE Day Bags to local residents doors.

Monday 11th May

  • 102 Food Parcels deliveried to residents’ doors.
  • 40 Members of the community collected food products from our carpark, that were surplus from a second fareshare delivery. 
  • Spare Meat, Sandwiches and Vegtaables were dropped off to the local residential home.

Friday 15th May

  • 40 Members of the community collected food products from our carpark, thank to a last minute fareshare delivery. 

Monday 18th May

  • 107 Deliveries to local residents houses 
  • 1 Emergency food parcel provided 
Zak Winstone, Kate Green, Jordan Porter and Sam Calow, unloading the Fareshare van ready for the food to be distributed.

Monday 25th May

  • 86 deliveries to residents doors

Monday 1st June

  • 96 deliveries and surplus food donated to local residential home

Monday 8th June

  • 102 deliveries and 30 residents supported in a local care home

Monday 15th June

  • 112 deliveries
  • surplus food delivered to 30 local residents
Our team raising a toast to a much loved and well known volunteer Thelma Key <3

Monday 22nd June

  • 106 deliveries
  • 34 residents supported with surplus food items

Monday 29th June

  • 102 deliveries

Thursday 2nd July

  • Last minute fareshore delivery of sandwiches, pasta and wraps, supported 40 residents
  • Surplus sandwiches, veg and fruit was donated to the neighbouring residential home.

Monday 6th July

  • 96 deliveries
  • Surplus food collected by 30 residents from the centre car park
Sian Hine helping the amazing Fareshare volunteers unload the delivery

Monday 13th July

  • 101 deliveries

Monday 16th July

  • 30 food parcels provided from a last minute fareshare delivery
  • 21 essential food bags given out

Monday 20th July

  • 98 deliveries
  • Surplus food donated to neighbouring residential home
Our team preparing for Deliveries on Monday 18th May.
From Left to right.
(Paul Carlton, Zak Winstone, Sian Hine, Sam Calow, Jordan Porter and Rita Morjaria)

Please feel free to take a look on our Social media accounts to follow the incredible work that our team are providing.

-Facebook- Eyres Monsell Cyp -Instagram- eyresmonsellcyp. -Twitter- CypEyres – LinkedIn- Eyres Monsell Club for Young People

For More Information on the work we are providing, please contact a member of our Team:

Louise Wylie (Centre Manager)- Louise.kaufman@youngleicestershire.org.uk

Paul Carlton (Deputy Centre Manager)- Paul.Carlton@youngleicestershire.org.uk

Keanan Bartram ( Assistant Leader )- Keanan.Bartram@eyresmonsellcyp.co.uk