Over the past 4 weeks, some of our amazing staff have been busy planning, packing and delivering food parcels to members of the community who are, vulnerable, Elderly or in isolation due to the Coronavirus.

Below is a brief outline of some of the work our team have provided, throughout the past 4 weeks:

Monday 16thMarch: 

-We provided and delivered 40 Food parcels to members of the local community.

-Virtual Zoom meeting for staff who are planning and coordinating our Covid- 19 Response.

Louise, Paul and Keanan virtually discussing our centre’s COVID-19 plan, and ways in which we can continue to support the local community safely.

Monday 23rdMarch: 

-We have provided 52 Food parcels to members of the local community.

Youth Workers Zak and Sian, preparing food parcels for members of the community to collect ( Ensuring they keep a 2M distance at all times 🙂 ) .

Monday 30thMarch:

-Delivered 60 food parcels to local residents

-Secured £2524 from our Local ward Councillors, Thank you- Cllr Elaine Pantling and Cllr Karen Pickering

-Secured £2464 from Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation

Food parcels, packed and ready to be delivered to residents front doors.

Monday 6thApril:

-72 food parcels delivered to local residents

-Provided 1-1 Fitness session with a young person from of our inclusion group.

– Virtual wellbeing check in with our volunteers group via zoom

Local resident and Trustee Adrian Key, who is currently in isolation. Receiving his food parcel.

Wednesday 8thApril: 

-20 Fruit and veg boxes delivered

-70 Easter Eggs delivered to random doorsteps in the local area.

-Provided 1-1 fitness session via Zoom with a member of our mental health Bounceback session. 

-Our personal trainer Zak provided a 1-1 Exercise session with a young person from our inclusion group.

Personal Trainer and Youth Worker Zak, Providing a 1-1 fitness session with a young person from our Bounceback Group
If you are Isolated, Vulnerable or elderly and would like to be considered for a food parcel on a Monday, Please contact the number above and we will try our best to support you !

For more information, please feel free to contact one of the key members of staff below, who would be happy to help you 🙂

Louise Wylie- Centre Manager Louise.kaufman@Youngleicestershire.org.uk

Paul Carlton- Deputy Centre Manager Paul.Carlton@youngleicestershire.org.uk

Keanan Bartram- Assistant Leader Keanan.Bartram@eyresmonsellcyp.co.uk