#MakeMonsellMove Update

Over the past year our team have been busy behind the scenes, working on project proposals, funding applications and running a crowdfunding campaign. This in turn will develop a new Health and Wellbeing centre at the back of our centre.

Well- we are excited to say that our project is finally turning into reality !!..!. The extension is taking place and we now nearly have a roof on !……

From this overgrown, rarely used garden space…….

And After a few months of loud banging, beeping, drilling and a car park full of work vans:

To a new gym space, which will soon be ready for the whole community to benefit from !…..

A first stop shop for emotional and physical health needs with a personal trainer, qualified mental health first aiders and gym instructors all on hand to help support the local community with their health needs or to signpost them to someone who can. The Project will be aimed at encouraging people to become emotionally and physically healthy, to promote physical activity, sport and exercise to create a feeling of physical, emotional and psychological wellness. The project will help to develop a sense of wellbeing encouraging self confidence and self-esteem and allowing people to feel good. As well as providing a gym for people on their doorsteps.