We have recently received £1500 from the William Colton fund. This is to fund fitness equipment as part of our Health & Emotional Wellbeing Project. We are hoping to build a mini fitness centre within the club for young people and the local community to use to try and improve mental health. We have also been awarded £2500 from Leicester City Council ward funding to fund a personal trainer to work with young people in setting targets and goals to keep them on track in achieving and helping to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Additionally, if there are any builders out there that could help us, we are looking to build a stud wall in our back room to create a space for our ‘mini gym’. We have the money to part run the project but are really looking for volunteers to help us with the building side of things and help us to provide a mini fitness centre within the youth club. If you can help us with materials, time, building skills or even just advice please get in touch!


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