We strive to be a place that offers opportunities to engage young people of all abilities and encourage them to achieve their maximum potential in their personal and social development. Eyres Monsell Club for Young People operates in an area that suffers from anti-social behaviour and there are a lack of opportunities for young people to use their recreational time constructively.

Mission Statement

Eyres Monsell Club for Young People (EMCYP) is a registered charity youth organisation, providing informal education for young people aged 8-19 years old. We aim to provide opportunities for our members to take part in positive activity to gain essential skills in personal and social development and encourage life skills to help them to fulfil their potential and become responsible citizens within their community.

EMCYP provides young people with opportunities for physical, creative and social activities. As well as providing accredited courses, volunteering opportunities, signposting and information, support and guidance

Social Aims

To provide young people from a socially deprived area with a place to go, something to do and someone to talk to.
To ensure that hard to reach young people have the same quality of provision as other young people.
To ensure all young people are treated as individuals.
To empower young people to make informed decisions regarding issues that affect their everyday life.
To informally educate young people on various issues.
To encourage personal and social development in young people.
To encourage participation.
To encourage new skills..
To minimise the chance of conflict between local residents the police and young people by providing young people with a place to go.
To bridge the gap between the young and old on the Estate by helping to portray a more positive picture of young people and therefore help towards community cohesion.
To provide opportunities that allow young people to reach their full potential and become responsible citizens within their community.

Social Values

To ensure all young people are treated as individuals.
To ensure individual needs are identified and met
Inclusion and equal opportunities for all young people
Ensure that young people are at the centre of everything we do
Young people are involved in decision making through the steering group committee

Our Future and Development

We hope to continue to develop the club, running services at least 5 nights a week for young people aged 8-19 years old in the local area.

We hope to build on our volunteering academy running sessions for volunteers once a week that help aid their development and encourage them to develop new skills as well as completing an Asdan Award to allow them to become more employable and help their future chances in further education. We hope to build a successful team of young volunteers that are well supported and equipped to develop personally and socially through giving something back to their community.