The Eyres Monsell Club for Young People is a youth centre in an area of social deprivation in Leicester City West. It is among some of the most disadvantaged wards in the whole of Leicestershire. The club aims to offer opportunities to engage young people and encourage them to achieve their maximum potential in their personal and social development.

The club was formed in the 1960s as part of the old Boys Club organisation and has been a part of the Estates history and make up since its opening. The club is now known as Club for Young People and welcomes both males and females to the centre. The club is a voluntary sector youth club which relies on grants from funding pots and trusts, and it is also a registered charity. The club is made up of a management committee, full-time qualified youth worker, part time youth worker, sessional staff, two new apprentices and volunteers.

Our management committee consists of 5 members. The committee meet and discuss Club policies, future plans, finances and scrutinise the overall running of the centre. Our members come from a range of backgrounds, and all bring something different to the table. As of September 2021, are management committee members are;

  • Adrian Key (Acting Chairman & Trustee)
  • Graham Pote (Treasurer)
  • Kelly Morley (Committee member)
  • Jamie Hurd (Committee member)
  • Alison Jolley- CEO of Young Leicestershire (Committee advisor)
  • Louise Wylie- Centre Manager (Staff advisor)
  • Paul Carlton- Deputy Manager (Staff advisor)

These can be contacted by email on Marking emails private and confidential.