Due to money that we have received from the Reaching Communities fund, we now have a successful community café named after one of our volunteers that unfortunately passed away after a battle with cancer.

Thelma’s Kitchen provides hot food, drinks and snacks and is open to the local community we are looking to extend the work that we are doing and to open the café for various other groups as well as providing lunches for the elderly in the area. The Café is run by employed staff as well as volunteers who, whilst working in the café, will receive training and skills that will enable them to go on and flourish in their everyday lives.

Please see below our opening times as well as the food we have available.

Opening Times

Monday: 9am – 1pm

Tuesday: 9am – 1pm

Wednesday: 9am – 1pm

Thursday: CLOSED (Tummies2tots group is currently under review)

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: CLOSED


Mini English £2.40 1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 egg, mushrooms, 1 slice of toast, beans or tomatoes, 1 hash brown, tea or coffee
Mighty English £4.40 
 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 egg, mushrooms, 2 slices toast, beans or tomatoes, 2 hash browns, tea or coffee
Sausage cob: £1.20
Bacon cob: £1.50
Bacon & egg cob: £1.70 Bacon, egg & sausage cob: £2
Extras: 40p each
 Mushrooms or hash browns

Kids Breakfast – Served until 11am
Cereal: £1.00
Toast (2 slices): £1.00
Sausage, beans & 1 slice of toast: £1.50
Bacon, beans & 1 slice of toast: £1.50
1 boiled egg & 1 slice of toast: £1.50
– all served with a cup drink

Chips: 90p
Chicken nuggets (4 pieces): £1.20
Mini Pizza: £1.00
Cheese toastie: £1.10– add ham: 40p
Crumpets (2): 70p 
with butter, marmite, jam or chocolate spread

Jacket Potato
Butter: £1.00
Cheese: £1.70 – add beans: 40p
Chilli / Curry: £2.20

Tea / instant coffee: 80p
Cappuccino: £1.20
Latte: £1.50
– add caramel or vanilla shot: 30p
Hot chocolate: £1.00
– add cream & marshmallows: 30p
Chocolate bar milkshake: £1.50


For any additional information or queries please Contact a member of our Development Team;

Becky Cochrane-Cafe Supervisor.        Paul Carlton– Deputy Manager

Louise Wylie- Centre Manager.      Keanan Bartram– Assistant Leader